Ways to Replace an Extracted Tooth

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ways to replace an extracted tooth

If your dentist has told you that he or she will need to pull out one tooth or more… don’t fret because there are several ways on how the dentist can replace it.

The following are the options to replace a missing or extracted tooth:

Removable partial denture

If you are missing one or more teeth, this is the cheapest option to replace those teeth. It can be made of metal framework or acrylic (pink-like material that looks similar to your gums). A disadvantage of a removable partial denture is that it can become loose over time because the bone beneath the denture may deteriorate or change.

Complete denture

Similar to a removable partial denture, but this means all teeth in one arch (upper and/or lower teeth) are already missing. A complete denture is the most inexpensive option to replace several teeth at the same time. However, it can cause bone deterioration and it’s best to discuss the effects of this option with your dentist.

Tooth-supported fixed bridge

This procedure is often chosen if you want a replacement that is fixated in the mouth. Unlike partial and complete dentures, fixed bridges can’t be removed. But the health of the adjacent teeth is essential since the bridge will be supported by the teeth on each side. The procedure involves grinding of the adjacent teeth then inserting the fabricated tooth, essentially making a bridge to connect all the teeth involved.

Dental implant

With the advancement of in Dentistry, comes dental implants. It is the more advanced option to replace a missing tooth, with it being more natural looking, more stable, and longer-lasting than the other options. One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that it directly stimulates the underlying bone which prevents bone loss. Dental implants have a high-upfront cost, but it tends to last a lifetime.

You may want to consider replacing extracted teeth because it may cause problems in the future. If they aren’t replaced, extracted teeth can cause tilting of adjacent teeth or supraeruption of the opposing tooth which can lead to bite problems.

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