Composite Fillings in Colwood

Composite Fillings Near Langford

For years, dentists have been providing patients with dental fillings when their teeth become damaged from cavities. In the past, silver amalgam was commonly used to fill in holes made by the decay. Thanks to modern dentistry methods, patients can now receive tooth-colored fillings that are just as reliable but don’t stand out.

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composite fillings in colwood

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a service that is done to repair teeth that have succumbed to fractures or decay. When you come in for the appointment, your dentist will remove the debris and clean out the area before sealing or “filling” the area with a special material.

Depending on your preferences and needs, your filling can be made out of a few different types of materials including:

  • Amalgam (a combination of various metals like silver and tin)
  • Composite resin
  • Porcelain
  • Glass ionomer (glass and acrylic)
  • Ceramic

Due to their subtleness, composite resin and ceramic have become very popular. These fillings are just as effective, but you won’t have to worry about others noticing that you’ve had restorative work done when you laugh, talk, or eat. Your dentist in Colwood will be able to let you know if you’re an ideal candidate for tooth-colored fillings.

Benefits Provided

  • Restores your tooth’s function.
  • Prevents further damage.
  • Relieves tooth pain and sensitivity.
  • Enhance aesthetics.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Preserves the natural structure of your tooth.

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