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If you think about it, our smiles are truly amazing – they help us make a great first impression, eat our favorite meals and snacks, and maintain our facial structure. This is why ensuring that they’re properly protected, especially when engaging in high-contact activities like sports, is so important.

At our neighborhood dental clinic, we provide high-quality dental guards which can be used to preserve your teeth from damage. To learn more about this service, please reach out to our dentist in Langford.

dental guards in colwood

Types of Dental Guards

Two main types of dental guards that are available include athletic mouthguards and night guards.

Sports Mouthguards

These devices are worn over your teeth and gums to help prevent injuries during physical activities. They are typically made of a soft and flexible material, such as silicone, and are designed to absorb and distribute the force of an impact, reducing the risk of tooth fractures, jaw fractures, and soft tissue injuries.

Mouth guards can be custom-made by a dentist or purchased as pre-formed and ready-to-use from drugstores.

Night Guards

Also known as occlusal splints, these guards are worn while you sleep. They’re made of a similar material to sports guards and can also be custom fitted by a dentist.

Night guards are primarily used to address bruxism (clenching and grinding your teeth). If bruxism goes unaddressed, it can lead to jaw pain, headaches, worn-down teeth, and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

Should you have any questions about acquiring either of these types of dental guards in Colwood, don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist. Your comfortable is equally as important, after all!

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