Porcelain Veneers in Colwood

Porcelain Veneers Near Langford

There are a lot of ways you can illuminate your smile, thanks to cosmetic dentistry. One especially great method that many patients consider due to its reliability is porcelain veneers. In addition to repairing the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and gums, this treatment can also address some minor functional problems.

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porcelain veneers in colwood

What Can Veneers Fix?

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain (sometimes composite resin). They’re bonded to the front surface of your teeth. They are a versatile cosmetic treatment and can help remedy teeth that are:

  • Stained
  • Fractured
  • Uneven or misaligned
  • Worn-down/weakened
  • Irregularly shaped
  • Teeth that have small gaps between them

It is important to keep in mind that veneers are not suitable if you require more complex treatment. Depending on your case, your dentist may recommend orthodontic measures or restorative care like dental crowns. This is why, before any official work is done, you need to attend a one-on-one consultation, so your dentist can evaluate the state of your oral health and take some x-rays.

What is the Process Like?

Once you’ve been given the green light, your dentist in Colwood will make impressions of your teeth; these are sent off to a lab where they’re created to fit your unique oral dimensions. Next, your smile is prepared to receive the veneers. This involves removing a portion of your enamel so that the veneers can stick properly. You’ll then be provided with temporary veneers.

When the permanent veneers are ready, you’ll return to receive them. They are held in place by special dental cement. Your dentist will check to see that they fit you right and that the color matches your preferences. And there you have it: a beautiful new smile!

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