The LVI Difference

The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) is a highly renowned post-graduate teaching center for those looking to advance their dental skills and capabilities. With such progressive teaching, post-graduates, patients and dentists already in the field benefit from the unique lessons provided at the LVI.

To those looking for a truly talented and knowledgeable cosmetic dentist, it is important to know that general dental education does not teach advanced aesthetic procedures. So, the training provided by LVI ensures that your goals and desires for your smile are accomplished. It is impressive to note that over ten thousand dentists from countries all over the world have attended LVI for their highly regarded and proven cosmetic courses.

In addition to providing education and training in the most established cosmetic dentistry techniques, the LVI empowers, supports and guides working dentists on how to deliver these cosmetic practices to their patients.

So, to receive up-to-date care from a dentist intensely trained in today’s leading cosmetic services, visit Dr. Rachel Staples at Urban Smiles Colwood. Dr. Rachel Staples has completed all levels of the LVI program for dental cosmetics. LVI trained dentists are working in part towards not only changing dentistry but changing lives.