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Botox Near Langford

When someone says the word “Botox”, a lot of us will probably think of lip or forehead injections that are done to improve facial aesthetics and eliminate wrinkles. While this is one way that Botox can be used, did you know that it can also be provided to patients for medical reasons?

That’s right! When administered by a certified professional, Botox can help address a variety of dental issues. At Urban Smiles Colwood, our dentist near you offers this course of care to those in need of it. To learn more about Botox in dentistry, please feel free to contact us.

botox in colwood

What is Botox?

Botox is derived from the botulinum toxin, a unique neurotoxic protein. It functions by interfering with the neurotransmitters in our bodies which leads to temporary muscle paralysis or limited muscle movement. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and painful muscle aches are prevented.

How Botox is Used in Dentistry

Your dentist in Langford may recommend medical Botox as a solution to any of the following issues:

  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) – Injections can help relax your muscles contributing to jaw tension and pain. It can also help alleviate spasms, jaw clenching, and even headaches.
  • Bruxism – Since Botox relaxes your muscles, it leads to less grinding and clenching, which in turn, preserves your smiles from becoming worn down or fractured.
  • Gummy smiles – These are characterized by excessive gum tissue being shown when a person smiles. When injected into certain muscles, Botox can reduce the elevation of your upper lip, helping to create a more natural smile.
  • Migraines – Injections have been shown to provide relief for chronic migraines associated as well as migraines associated with dental problems.

The effects of Botox injections are not permanent; they typically last around 3 months or so. And if you’re currently thinking, it’s a toxin, it’s not safe, remember, in carefully controlled doses, Botox is a reliable and safe course of treatment.

Talk to our dentist if you have any concerns or queries about getting Botox near you. They will be happy to guide you through the process from start to finish so you know what to expect and can be prepared. You can also phone us at (778) 440-9876 to set up a consultation to learn more.