Dental Care Must-Haves for Holiday Travel

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dental care must haves for holiday travel

When packing for a trip, we often forget the simplest things we need to keep our travel enjoyable and hassle-free. Typical travel checklists often forget to include what you need to keep your teeth clean and happy. Here are six items you should always have on your trip to ensure you’re on track with your dental care while enjoying your vacation or business travel.

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, AND spare toothbrush: On top of your list is your travel-sized or regular-sized toothbrush – whichever you feel comfortable with using for the duration of your trip. And of course, toothpaste! In case of emergencies, we also recommend packing a spare toothbrush so you never go through a day without one.
  • Dental Floss: Keeping on track with your dental routine not only means brushing your teeth but also flossing at least once a day.
  • Mouthwash: Several people disregard mouthwash in their travel checklist but shouldn’t. For international travel, mouthwash is a must. After hours of sleeping on the plane, the bacteria in your mouth can build up, leaving your breath feeling less than fresh. Pack a small bottle of mouthwash and use the airplane bathroom to freshen up before you land. And, if you don’t have time to return to your hotel during the day, mouthwash can act as an immediate toothbrush, freshening your breath and washing away bacteria that has built up throughout the day.
  • Sugar-free Gum: Chewing gum equalizes pressure and alleviates pressure when taking off and landing. A pack of sugar-free gum can help reduce cavities and aid in regulating saliva production to prevent dry mouth.
  • Denture or Retainer Box: If you are wearing dentures, retainers, Invisalign, or any prosthesis… don’t ever forget your prosthesis’ box to store it when not in use (i.e. sleeping or engaging in physical activity). You wouldn’t want your dentures broken or misplaced in the middle of your trip.
  • Dental First Aid Kit: There are several portable dental first aid kits designed with travel in mind. Kits usually include a mouth mirror, pain relievers, cotton pellets, gauze pads, topical anesthetic, temporary filling material, and a “save-a-tooth system”. “Save-a-tooth” system is used for safely storing a tooth that has come out, so that your dentist can help do the appropriate work upon your return.

Go and add these 6 essential items to ensure you (and your teeth) can enjoy your travels worry-free!

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